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Bad Times

by turahtan

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The heavy doom is looming your destiny and role And you are gravely running your life under control Illusions of tomorrow and truth of coming day You don't want to call off you lose yourself in play Speed day by day is higher and madness on the end Vestigial sand of money are melting in your hands When you are rush for something this is always to late With mocking force above you you can't manipulate Bad times worst times still nothing on your shares And don't try to count the last you likely have Civilization, progress, the curse of fateful science On painful stubborn fighting and hardship to be wise Hot breath of crazy era when nothing can to stay Names: Judas, Cain and Herod, and no sense to pray Corrupted politicians, mass media in lie With agony of culture prepared to die World economic hires high profit coffin store Dead poison in the air and dread of coming war Bad times worst times still nothing on your shares And don't try to count the last you likely have
you are absurd as a frog in the sky a blotter ship on the water shadows of nightmare reflects in your eyes the noise of countless motors moving of crowds, patience of ants slavery of desperation the train has called off, no advance after the last deadly station big gloomy city you come to alone gray stones and buildings around merciless time when illusions have gone you're in the bog, no ground feeling like Jonah inside of the fish you, simple man, not a prophet here is nothing, is nothing to wish and no meaning to stop it
The Shock 03:31
Is there somebody behind you forever to spy and to pry Is here somebody above you the time from "to born" to "to die" Forget simple things, inks and paper and senseless words "no" and "yes" When they are objectively watching, recording your thoughts and your breath The judges will order so strongly jury to dissect your poor life You won't commit something wrongly but you have to run to survive And even you have not heard "no more" all finally will be the same One day they will simply come over with dead-set to make mortal claim
I'm smashed and crushed and near to cry I see idiots are elected world wide The thoughts are insane and speeches are poor One their support of the triumphing fools The Human Rights slogan, the cigarette stub They share with gangsters the prestigious club The rulers and liberals, dictators and slaves Now they all are "players" as they call themselves We have to stop butchers, the speaker has spoke But here is veto as blunt stunning stroke The cities are burning, the last chance has gone Nobody is talking on no-fly zone I know one commander insists he is right We really now are not ready to fight But sign the agreement the bloody tough deal Since Mars God of War has not send us the bill
Do try to find solution you know that you are right And quick to take decision forever for your pride And all the fatal problems all what you know to get Are over this morning you're ready to forget But gloomy morning coming you're tired and weak When nothing is to follow forget your stupid trick Your time will never come Your time will never come You're crawling this black tunnel on dream to see daylight You will complete tomorrow this hike overnight The canal is too narrow and movement too slow Your chance to win this journey you understand is low You know the heavy stones are pressing you around No power for moving and no way from now Your time will never come Your time will never come Forget this awful nightmare you are now in today Your life is slowly running, your life is in the way On this non-stop conveyor the troubles come and go And you are thinking what is your destiny to know Melancholy and sorrow, and what is truth to say Illusions of tomorrow and weight of heavy day Your time will never come Your time will never come
I will come over baby wait for me for a while devices in my pockets are calling all the time messengers, applications are running so well all the communications buzzing as ringing bells I say communications too much connected lines Really drive me crazy out to melt and cry I see an error message the monitors in wreck tentacle running wires are all around my neck a furious navigator can not show why and when I see I'm running circles wider and wider then I say communications too much connected lines Really drive me crazy out to melt and cry
Degeneracy is the stamp on the faces and common, and common, and our, our guise Hieronymus Bosch could use us as models for painting and we should be there for sure the best And any producer could take us as actors for grave horror movies with no, with no make up And our ruling political party, you know and we know, and all know, had rot through But we hold the power we use all the money as cement of very hard basement, and glue We clean dirty money from all the dictators and thieves we say "welcome" to them We moved the production abroad far away, as you know far away, far away to Far East And laborers here always are expensive, yes, so expensive and this very clear we can not afford The wind on the broken factories' windows is whispering here this is not for sale as estate luxury Toadstools of high buildings are growing up and in breadth in the city we want to displace everything And we don't care we don't want people unless just devoted servants just near around We run on railways can not quit and we hold all the thing in right place and right now
How many more times will you tolerate this You know very well who is behind of those things Why our countries are under attack Why dirty bribing money passed though our banks Why our cities are flooded by spies Then children of children will have to pay the price This sounds much clear the war we can not use Why not to spell it out and just tell the truth You need to close your eyes, you need to close your eyes And money many many many more times Money money many many many more times


released December 15, 2019


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

Shabby Jeans Records.

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