by turahtan



Everything is meaningless...


released July 25, 2015


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turahtan Cyprus

About: just another band.

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Track Name: The Ark
Hearing voices, they ask build the ark
In my bedroom on the floor,
Safety boat to sail in the dark
Straight to the open door.
When Armageddon will come to the street
Pushing the neighbors to run
Only the one I am ready for it,
Me, only one, only one...

On agony of the fire to creep
Up on deluge deadly wave,
Here is nothing for my flying ship,
Happy God gift to be safe!
Silence around, I can smile, I will cry,
Feeling recoil to be free,
Desert of water and one stone isle,
And, only me, only me...
Track Name: Circle #2 (Evergreen)
green maelstrom, green grass
federal reserve note
in God we trust
we trust in God
Track Name: The Twister
Hide the attraction of common lie
On the existing eye of the sky.
As only nothing is really true,
Nobody watching what you will do.
By calculation circles of the sun
On many places time can not run.
As once again you can tell me "too late"
There is nothing to calculate.

Since a black hole is on the top
Swallowing in all around non-stop
With the cold wind every day come and go
For destinations that ever not known.
On early sunrise after sunset
Each day the same what we really can get
Lightning and thunder on circling sky crack
Impassive nonage will never come back.
Track Name: Circle #3 (Nevergreen)
in God we trust
grey sky, grey grass
Track Name: The Seal
All what I know and all what I feel
Will turn to nil with the seventh seal.

Leaves of the autumn and birds in the flock,
Bids for the lot and strokes of a clock,
Glow of the fire and cold of the ice,
Fate of desire and shine of your eyes...
Warms of the house and gloss of my car,
Rise of the moon and blue light of a star,
Flow of the wind and far rumble of the storm,
Sounds of music and melody tone...
Flight of the freedom and squeeze of the cage,
Folly of youth and the wisdom of age,
All what you say and the words I feel right,
Rush of the day and fatigue of the night...

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