Coming on Debacle

by turahtan



It was one of foretelling dreams. The inhabitants of a seaside township have installed a tarpaulin tent of about one hundred meters long by connected smaller tents to arrange a passageway. They have fallen into line inside awaiting the stranger whose name is not necessary to pronounce. People was staying as frozen at expectations. Music was already distinguishable somewhere in the middle of the corridor, something based only on one chord and rolling reiterative words: "coming, coming on debacle", the sound of deep underground one-dimensional universe where time and space are not existing. Lackeys have already unfold the entrance to our part of passage on silent welcome of the awful monster accompanied by two green humanoids with antique copper trumpets. The strange fat person looks like an earthen piece of potato on round elephant legs. His giant crust eaves was semi-closed. Somebody near me has whispered "Never look at his eyes!"
I have found out I have to escape. I have taken the hand of my wife, all this time she was near me, and gently come out from the gap between tents on other side. Nobody chased us. Our car was near the place and we have taken the road up to the mountains to a tunnel. Only it was so strange as no other people or traffic around. The tunnel was about eight hundred meters long but we passed several kilometers and there was no end but it became too narrow. We have stopped the car to walk. Titanic underground buzzing was already running behind us. Unexpectedly I have seen a thick iron door and we have entered to a small concrete bunker. We have felt a very strong earthquake, our module has started to move down and then up till stop. We have opened the door and it have been not clear where we are in the middle of the rummaged landscape surrounded by the stark sea.
I have seen this dream many year before my lovely peninsula occupation but forefeeling of the big global war is never leaving me since then...


released June 17, 2014


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

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Track Name: Criminal Island / The Door
brace for impact, pass the door,
wondering on still to be...
dreaming to sleep on the floor,
loosing the way to be free...
feeling cold wind of the doom,
dark of the infinite night...
mad duty smile of the gloom,
melting thin line of the light...

my dear traitors and friends,
partners on selling the world,
something that will never end,
sod, clay, and silver, and gold...
don't regret, no sense,
happy to think ever twice
with thirty pieces in hands
nailed on a block of the ice...
Track Name: One Way Transmissions
dull subway station
death of the fire
hateful sensation
ever-win lying
managing gamblers
world development
stranglers and ramblers
pain you have got then
promising rating
yawning of past days
wasting and waiting
rushing rate races

trains in the tunnels
troops on the wagons
blood on the channels
wisdom of dragons
fat politicians
fate of the nation
one way transmissions
last generations
trade of the cattle
madness and useless
meat of the battle
fame of the goodness
Track Name: The Worm Who Eats the Globe
You are not able flatly say stop,
I am the helminth who eats the Globe.
I'm not in hurry with pint-size teeth,
All in the same key and piece by piece.
Who is protected, if I slowly come from inside!
Wanna be fed, wanna be, wanna be, ever right!

Now I am here, I will not quit,
I'm champing Europe just as a biscuit.
You should give Satan payment for rent,
He charge to swallow this continent.
I gonna, I gonna, I gonna, I gonna eat
Iron, wood, paper, and ground, and stones, and meat!

Nobody likes me, but they pretend,
Want to be happy to shake my hand.
They are not able to fight and watch
And are in fear even to touch.
Keep your hands, keep your hands, keep your hands, shaky hands off.
Wait, I will come, ever come, ever come, never go!
Track Name: Abel
Past and magic celebrations,
Sliding lights on Christmas tree
Fantasy, imagination,
Songs and singers. One, two, three...
I am proud of my brother,
He is older, he is right,
Yes, we will respect each other...
Should Kids Learn to Read and Write?

What do you feel under fire,
Hold your rumbling machine gun?
Never more, your last desire,
Only one time, only one...
Food for powder, battle thunder,
Deadly strike of killing storm,
Bloody evening, meat in jumble,
Packed on khaki uniform.

When tomorrow seems as madness
For forever to be free
With my sneaky secret gladness:
This is not me, is not me...
Track Name: Crossing the Fire
I trust in one day I'll forget all my sorrows
Against situations believe in tomorrow.
I will make my bid and I'm happy to try, yeah!
When I have to go for the way through the fire.
It's easy to guess that my moving is heavy,
My life is the game and too much for the levy.
I hate this black night and the sun comes to crack it.
I wanna survive, yes, I'm lucky, I'm lucky!

Crossing the fire you will be burnt...
Track Name: Down to the Sky
black spiders slowly
knitting the net
where we are going
nothing to get
sparks of the fire
dark of the night
ash of desires
void inside
your time, cold rain,
dead light, the grey...

are you still planning
daring escape
dreaming on flying
up to the space...
out of the clouds
sheltering sky
as all around
fear to die
too late to go,
your run too low...

freedom allowed
papers and inks
the sun melts out
Wax of your wings
no more morning
what is running well
proud of burning
fire of hell
flight up the ground
the sky is down...

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