Czar Bastard & White Raven Flock

by turahtan



There is one more inhabited planet somewhere behind Alpha Centauri. In the past there was a lot of wars around but local people have managed to stop them. There was a very simple solution, so called "Anti-Dictator Legal Act". An international order to arrest has been proceeding automatically against any person who is ruling there as a president of a country more that two terms directly or non-directly. For example one doer was the president two times in order and after one term was acting as the prime minister, on using also a temporary dummy president who just was watching the chair, came back to the place by false elections and was immediately arrested at his first foreign voyage. Another one had declared himself as "the father of a nation" and built a golden monument of himself and was immediately arrested too. Religion and ideology was completely separated from the power on this planet as well, so one more famous person "the grand dux of another nation" was whipped by twigs and imprisoned...


released December 22, 2013


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

About: just another band.

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Track Name: Last Dancers Tango
dancers, newcomers, dancers
moving from nowhere
turning through beams of lasers
spinning of graceful pairs
trust on on useless hope
to outfight the dark
glittering silver robes
flying fantastic sparks

tango, last dancers, tango
falling into the night

music, background music
something you can't control in
losing, each step for losing
heavy mechanic rolling...
dancer, my dear dancer,
why you still keep your smile,
weak on infinite icing,
borrowed for a while?

tango, last dancers, tango
falling into the night

distance, the endless distance
something you can not cross through
I would like ask for instance
what is behind you come to?
even on cool sensation
time is not running back...
painful disintegration,
mixing into the black...

tango, last dancers, tango
falling into the night
Track Name: Ravens
one black raven through the night
gliding on the flock
claiming that will never die
heavy roll and rock
on performing in the crowd
massive non stop flight
running circles all around
sparks on gloomy sky
one white raven through the day
all the time alone
so far as far away
deaf for rock and roll
muddy light of fog upright
smoke of the stack
proofing blindness of the white
outside of black
Track Name: Perpetuum Mobile
life is moving, time is rolling
through the night and through the day
in the evening, in the morning
buy the way and on the way

alone in the crowd
away to the sky
my friend rock-n-roll
just nothing to me
so useless and proud
what is never die
for you and for all
forever to be
Track Name: Rock on a Wooden Box
rock, rock, rock on a wooden box, you know

trees are growing up far away enough
good row materials for some staff
to be disagree populi and vox
for rock-n-roll on a wooden box

the saw makes a good squealing noise you see
to cover the voice of a falling tree
to scare off all the ravens flocks
To cut some planks for a wooden box

for sale wooden box luxury brand new
the best rock bands play a dance for you
and this is not a trapdoor to fall
but simply a plywood for rock-n-roll
Track Name: Blood of a News Heads Cut
empty and lazy brains
jailing newspaper shell
great propaganda rains
press of the daily hell

bell politicians lies
ruthless on legal crime
mucus on honest eyes
hunters of sticky lime

pain of the crowd noise
symphony broken door
tears of Mother Earth
feeling of coming war
Track Name: Villein Waltz
nobody sleep, ballroom dancers tonight
blown incredible monsters,
moving on jumps from the left to the right,
famous majors of nonsense
the spheric floor continents of the globe,
pools of the oceans down,
the giant heads far away as a probe
on stratosphere breakdown

one, two and three, modest luxury slaves,
gold, fashion suits and dresses
four, five and six, self-sufficient always,
haughty and fat, sweat red faces
we know the movies and all talking heads,
masters of empty advises,
moving on jumps from the East to the West,
soldiers of bloody moon rises

now one wrong step of a fashion black shoe
tramps down a small living town,
the second step that is not so good too
fire of war running down
one, two and three, on political dance,
how to escape, do you know it?
only the chance to be crashed just at once
and they will force you to love it
Track Name: The Czar
worst malicious leader,
height just of three feet,
scarecrow in the middle...
really what is it?
flea who left the dust off,
jumps to superstar...
do you know a bastard
who became the czar?

yes, we follow his instruction,
quiet to transfer his conduction
In bulk mass we are the winners,
every year we wait his beanos
each of us existing ever
seems to be unique and clever,
we respect on all the levels
common wisdom of white ravens

all the world is astir,
Presidents and Kings
run behind the bastard,
best respects to him
millions glossy covers
wicked and narrow eyes,
reverse, averse, coins,
rolling Stones and Times...

real higher master
holds all puppet's threads,
keeper of disasters,
painter of the red
politic correction,
coming fake and loss,
trust on calm and patient
poor mother Earth

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