Earlier Acoustic

by turahtan



"In the wastes of the Galaxy imprisoned here endlessly. You and I destiny too confined in this Galactic Zoo..."
Arthur Brown's "Galactic Zoo Dossier" was the best psychedelic album ever, still underrated. Many singers and bands have borrowed ideas from there for further commercial success but really they are not true musical worthy. 'Galactic Zoo' is more then just music, the album has outwent the time and many predictions we have founded there. But no prophet will be accepted in his own town... Imitator and epigones have got money and fame. Arthur and his band "Kingdom Come" have disappeared...

Rock music is always a mirror of civilization but will they look critically at themselves?
From long distance of the East we have discerned the whole. As a part of "Galactic Zoo" the USSR was a jail in the common Earth's prison, deadly infected land behind the wall. Something has happened. Locks have been crashed before time without necessary healing. The modified in mimicry pseudo-democratic communistic pest has infiltrated into the West. This is the fatal infection...


1. Introduction
2. Metamorphosis
3. Angel Keeper
4. Imaginary Flight to London
5. Vodka Rock-N-Roll


6. Creeping
7. Late (instrumental)
8. The City
9. External Messenger


released May 22, 2013


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

About: just another band.

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Track Name: Turahtan (Part 1)


Here is Turahtan, the Ersatz-Opera with dedications to our lost generation…

It is modestly personalized by:
Sasha, a Russian Writer;
Turahtan, The Man-Bird,
Costa, Somebody Permanently Drunk…

And Me, Ivan, a Student Forever…
Special thanks for kind supports of Up, Down and other Voices. Real assistance of
Radio has been kindly appreciated!



Ones in the evening earlier or later
Me, just a student, call me Ivan
Walking along the main street of the city,
Yes, on the reason nothing to do!
Buildings and houses melding in darkness,
Sunset is falling higher and bloody.
I slowly read these sudden graffiti,
They have appeared on brown clouds.

Night in the Country!
The truth is nothing!
Money and the power!

There are two persons stepping towards me,
Are you sure nobody wants them?
Firstly. A fan of the Heavy Metal
Famous loafer named Costa Vodka.
Wearing a hardly used jeans jacket
Decorated by chains and medals,
He is rattling as machinery.
But I like it. That’s so noisy!

The second as well is especially pretty
The man who is tall and so blue eyed,
On bird legs he looks as a chicken.
Seems so strange, but I don’t care!
Rock’N'Roll is with me. I know it!
And it’s immortal for forever.
In the future… I mean tomorrow
Many things in the night unclear!


That’s me, I’m Costa, your friend,
We are all ways in touch.
Yes, every day and night time
I have to drink so much!
Full suitcase of vodka
I’ve got with me.
And one my mate is here.
Listen and see!

Turahtan is the stranger’s name,
A very good name for a bird migrating,
He even changes his legs this way…


How this move has happened?


Nobody, even doctors
Will not explain.
Nobody likes to stop it,
Nothing to say!
This is my stupid nightmare,
I can’t believe.
Only I dream to rid it,
Rid to relief!

One day my nails quickly turned to claws
And foot of a bird I’d seen very clear.
Now even feathers would slowly grow…
Why I’m afraid my dear?


I know you have a good friend,
The man I like to drink with!
Recently, Sasha’s his name, you’ve said.
He is a writer, isn’t?
I claim right now that vodka
Works as a time machine,
Drink it and you are out,
Out of time within!


Sasha is so busy every day.
He writes a book on Arthur Brown.
May be he is dreaming to get today
A Publicist King Crown.


This seems so good and in time.
Visit him now!
Some vodka for a creator
Is just a fuel above!
I heard he’s an intelligent
And pretty silent.
We can help, one moment!
To grow his talent.



Angel Keeper, let me know who I am and where I go?
Generations take a fix crossing deadly river Styx.
Pure fathers tell us lies no God on empty skies!
Country built on bones blood. They’ve forgot. Who’s really sad?

Generations spilling down! Politicians selling towns!
Two plus two they say is three! Paranoia’s high degree!
Angel Keeper, that’s my plea, leave me out to be free!
Destiny is for myself, I’m afraid you can not help!



Hello, Sasha, I’m with my friends.
I’m sure, you’re glad to see us here!
This man is Costa, the vodka keeper and
Turahtan is the person near.


I am not madness but I well know him,
He has appeared my nightmare monster!
Well, he is coming to my daydream
And I can’t push him to fly down stair!

I know he’ll start now up from the city into the sky.
This is too dangerous but dignified, not easy flight,
The special trip just straight to London through foggy pall
And he will fly so proudly, strongly as a sea gull!

He must in London to meet the man
To bring my message that’s very clear,
“Galactic Zoo” will continue then…
You must be ready to fly my dear!

Yes, Arthur Brown will be the person tells our dove
What is the answer of the main question, we don’t know now.
Today the wisdom of any nation is very down
And no prophet will be accepted in his own town!



For your heart and your soul
This is Vodka Rock’N'Roll!
In the future, in the past
Each next glass is not the last!
No doubts, don’t think!
Get them out! Drink! Drink!

Can you hear me? Are you in?
This is Russian time machine!
I can’t tell you, do you trust,
How many days have passed?
Weeks and months have gone? Oh, Yes!
Crazy rock on amazing years!

Next one thing, forgot to say,
This should work but just one way!
I can show you, no lie,
Perfect path to burn your time.
Welcome, friend, tramp a rake,
No means to roll it back!
Track Name: Turahtan (Part 2)



I’m climbing. I’m crawling. I’m creeping.
I seem as a man, not reptile,
On my fashion suit I’m wearing…
Please look at my honest fish eyes!
A huge capitol from my country
I want to invest in the West.
I’m ready for business and banking,
I’m offering only the best!

I’ve killed all my mucus by DEO,
My stamp six, six, six is too small!
I’m sure you have not seen ever
Who easy is paying for all!
From now I will leave in your city
I’ll show you the reason and why.
Don’t need you a bribe? It is pity.
I just want your soul to buy!

The Passion Play passed for a long time
And trumpets blew just for a while.
Away hardly rode four horsemen.
You know that my truth is the lie?
The forefathers followed the dragon,
Assisting to kill millions…
Repentance is nonsense for proud
And I don’t care at all.

I’m climbing. I’m crawling. I’m creeping.
I seem as a man, not reptile,
on my fashion suit I’m wearing…
Please look at my honest fish eyes!


We’re climbing. We’re crawling. We’re creeping.
We seem now as men, not reptiles,
On my fashion suit I’m wearing…
Please look at my honest fish eyes!

Down voice:

Coming, coming on DEBACKLE!
Coming, coming on DEBACKLE!

7. LATE (instrumental)


Late, late, late, late…


Up voice:

The city comes down out of heaven
As pure clear crystal glass,
Foundation stones are as jewels…
Have built forever to the last.
The highest walls are brightly shining,
As pearls on glitter diamond gates,
And golden streets so straight on running,
As lines, just perfectly and straight.

And there is the silver garden,
All leafs on trees are emeralds.
A river clean is running down,
And flowers are pretty bright.
But golden houses are empty,
You can’t see people on the streets.
The city sleeps and calmly waiting.
All sleeps and waiting. That is it.


This city is not for you!
This city is not for you….



There was a man slowly walking along a dirty secondary street of
East London. The man was not young and remains of his hair, so strong,
long and perfect in the past, was thin and grey. Unfortunately he was
not looking up to the foggy sky, where a small black dot has been
moving under a dark cloud. A miserable useless bird was completing its
heavy long flight and hardly felt with a sudden dump sound near the walker.
The red helpless dying eye was looking to the man weakly. The man
had carefully stepped the body over. This was not recognized who really
was this man… Arthur Brown knows nothing about our message…


Turahtan is the stranger’s name,
A very good name for a bird migrating,
He even changes his legs this way…
How this move has happened?

One day his nails quickly turned to claws
And foot of a bird he’d seen very clear.
Now even feathers would slowly grow…
This is the end, my dear!

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