Jeans Tailor

by turahtan



... simple craft to sew jeans


released March 31, 2019


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

About: just another band.

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Track Name: Manifesto
Redhead Clown, he will come, play the ape and jumping
On the corner of the screen here all the time.
Brainy people who want him belly him by pumping
All who want to dance with him making noise and scream.

This is always not easy to get a rid of him and write the manifesto for the people of good will.

Manifesto: I say
Manifesto: the way
Manifesto: delay
Manifesto: insane

Politicians, who use him as a shield or banner,
Are confused to understand, praise and criticize.
Redhead Clown runs his play getting mad and stunning
While you're trying to remake madness to be wise.
Track Name: Nothing
Through this dust and toxic rain nothing gonna come
No way and far away from The Holy Lamp
Track Name: Retro Radio Summer
I wanna hold the summer
I gonna stop the wind
Shouldn't I ask the sun and
Take the right way to win

The Sky Mechanic's office
Ever ignores my call
And I'm afraid the autumn
Goes to hurt my soul

I feel the coming winter
Is squeezeing my frozen bones
Pulling me deeply into
The heart of snow storm

Shouldn't I ask the sun and
Take the right way to win
I wanna hold the summer
I gonna stop the wind
Track Name: New Clothes
Politicians' dressing room
Weaving clothes of lying
Turning on the swindler's loom
When the truth is dying
Hasn't got anything on
Nobody is saying
On the time the deal is done
Everyone is playing

Hasn't got anything on
Nobody is crying
Even if the sense has gone
Everyone is trying
Such a pattern, so well
No fools seem here
Clear sound, ringing bell
Trust in God, and we are

Dirty spiders build the web
Demagogy knitting
Stupid summits runs the glob
Ineffectual meetings
No wisdom just to skip
Endless race... disaster
Poor world, a sinking ship
With the madness master
Track Name: American Jeans
Now I remeber I'm very happy
To wear a new American jeans
How I like this perfect denim
How nice it really is
I like to walk I'm very reliant
Don't miss any mirror to see
Yes, I'm ready to fly to the sky
All the girls are looking at me

American Jeans, American Jeans, American Jeans
San Francisco

You don't know who can tell me more
Why my jeans is not good to fit
I've got them in a local store
I know something is wrong a bit
To underline my bandy legs
And I do feel so sad tonight
I lost one button what is the next
The denim is soft and far too light

American Jeans, American Jeans, American Jeans
Made in Europe

I don't know who is so wise
What I've got this is not a jeans
Trouser-legs are of different size
A patch of denim by gauze means
Now I own just a piece of rug
One part's short and another long
A shop assistant told me: good luck
Now I see everything is wrong

American Jeans, American Jeans, American Jeans
Made in China

Make jeans American again!

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