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Para Bellum

by turahtan

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The Pistol 02:50
Four years ago as well on I've stopped to drink and smoke Then Luger-Parabellum Was bought at last from stock Nice, blued and always well, and I'm lucky consignee My Luger-Parabellum Always from now with me I've printed piles of targets Ahead for shooting range One bald head nasty midget The same gnome on each page I like my daily training I wanna be good shot Accuracy of maiming And all the things I've got I have some silver bullets The aspen stake of course Three holy water bottles Garlic, one metal cross This is as Russian roulette The game with no rules But this allows me to let Destruct the nasty ghoul Good oil always has meaning And this is what I say On Parabellum cleaning and brushing every day As new, and maintained well on And this is the real truth My Luger-Parabellum Is ready for quick use
The Weed 02:39
This is just a story of my friend The Weed Down on the corner he has grown from seed Breaking through the asphalt from the timeless night He as any being came into the light Omnipresent lying, poor Mother Land I know I can trust him, one the only friend Something to be sure this is not a bet Vile sneaky slander he will never spread Early every morning time when I should go I was not forgetting to say him hello And one day in Friday then I had seen that Simple yellow flower blossomed on his head There was sad Sunday when I came to late And I saw the cleaner cut down him with spade Well goodbye my trusty my best friend The Weed Nobody and nothing on the empty street
Ancient kingdoms had passed away And empires laid in the past Destiny is what you can say From the first day to the last Something wrong in the dusty air What is coming you never know Nobody will be happy there With sad feeling we're near of Civilization crackdown Shabby memories of your soul You are old, you are ill and lame Generation of Rock and Roll Troglodytes of the backward days Senseless streaking, a world of screens Silly barking, Hip Hop and Rap Time when books are in rubbish bins And continues nightmare at Civilization crackdown Twentieth century bloody flag Still with us even nowadays Politicians who cook bad luck Surreptitiously on the way Greed and swagger and idle talk And impunity is the law On the ashes of Roll and Rock All around is ready for Civilization crackdown
We know many rulers, dictators or kings Each wanna become The Big Brother in dreams But neither one clever or full idiot Nobody alone can not manage the world Since too many countries and too many land And any empire will crash at the end As anyone's life is too short for enough And greatness is subject of mocking and laugh They all are unhappy, they can't sleep and eat They're trying for nothing, they can not succeed But many efforts take the sum of them all And common Big Brother has come virtual I've met my best friend and he tells me right now We are all the slaves on the will of above Big brother is strong, misty, hazy and dim And the aspen stake is too vain against him He knows all around on each corner and step He doesn't want less and I'm feeling his slap We can't disappear, escape or to flee Each second I'm feeling his breath behind me I answer: I know and I see you are right Unswerving and proud to be crucified They will not spend nails, they are over stocks We all are pinned beetles on a recycling box
The Wheel 03:40
I know that all people, and you are, and I'm We're here appear as captives of time That's really nothing you own in the Earth And only a spark of the moment is yours You don't know how and where and when The clock will be broken and thrown off then We are deadly climbing in desperate trust And keeping the balance on the narrow path The thread in the roll is the road the life And all what you get is to drive to survive To turn in the spin watching twinkle of days When no the winner on this fatal race In Sisyphus task you're an ant on the trail You can not escape but to run on the rail The fate is around you to caught you to peel And rolling ahead destiny heavy wheel Always those in power hold your low rate And you are just nil just a fish on the trade Illusion of freedom in shadow of rights Mute screaming and voices, deaf ears, blind eyes We're plants and grasses we're blooming in the Spring We're plants and grasses we like rains and the sun We're plants and grasses we give out the crop We're plants and grasses we die under the snow
Good times and summer morning, we're so nice and young We like these magic places, the names on ancient tongues And we will not allow these happy days to pass These mountains, this sunshine, the sea belongs to us One day my great grandfather came here with a gun And each of us is proud and we are all as one But something is forgotten behind the endless pride Since our ancestors committed genocide
We mix Sewage water infusion Fly agarics Crushed scorpions Ratsbane Sulphuric acid Dead flies Cyanides And fungus Big Brother will be happy
Brainwashing 03:03
And evening, and morning, and flame in the sky Mechanic enrolling, indifferent time Thin sand of the stars, mystery of the night Continuous moving, the dark and the light Meltdown of sense, stock of old battered books The fate in the lens, bleary-eyed outlook Dismay of the knowledge, too much what to say Fast twinkle of years, one infinite day Blank history lessons and ever the same A heavy quick trial and hopeless claim In difficult times the trust to be sold By power keepers the madmen in hold While few crazy headmen are riding the globe Poor tired people are working non-stop The path breaks away on the deadly closed door And soldiers on march to be killed on the war


released November 7, 2021


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

Shabby Jeans Records.

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