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released January 22, 2017


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turahtan Cyprus

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Track Name: Resolution
The organization of United Flocks
The last investigation Monday 10 o'clock
Hares, wolves and bears, the Inter-Jungle court,
Honored horny deer start to read report.

No resolutions. It can be too late.
Beasts around of jungles are eating ungulates.
We must stop predators or at least to try...
As the right to live is just the basic right.

But a wolf is crying: I can't follow it
We are not created to live without meat.
Hay and straws for sure are not for my teeth
This is just as flout, realy this is.

Fauna on crying argue more and more.
At the end the lion strongly takes the floor.
By myself I'm eating only preserves, right?
But we are obliged to vote to decide.

Wolves has voted NO,
Hares firmly YES.
Ungulates and so:
So, so, so...
No way for NO!
You say YES and me too!
Bears shout VETO!

Veto, and don't touch.
Veto, I like so much.
Veto, and never play fool.
Veto, and don't touch.
Veto, I like so much.
Veto, my favorite tool.

Veto is the veto nothing more to say
We have spent completely many working days.
On the resolution rightness start to rise
Something must be stated just for compromise.

For the love of justice we have understood
No beast in jungles who lives without food,
Some kind of nutrition we reduce a bit,
Donkey's thorny thistle... We will prohibit.
Track Name: The Worm Who Eats the Globe
You are not able flatly say stop,
I am the helminth who eats the Globe.
I'm not in hurry with pint-size teeth,
All in the same key and piece by piece.
Who is protected, if I slowly come from inside!
Wanna be fed, wanna be, wanna be, ever right!

Now I am here, I will not quit,
I'm champing Europe just as a biscuit.
You should give Satan payment for rent,
He charge to swallow this continent.
I gonna, I gonna, I gonna, I gonna eat
Iron, wood, paper, and ground, and stones, and meat!

Nobody likes me, but they pretend,
Want to be happy to shake my hand.
They are not able to fight and watch
And are in fear even to touch.
Keep your hands, keep your hands, keep your hands, shaky hands off.
Wait, I will come, ever come, ever come, never go!
Track Name: Panic on Regent Street
rubbish banks on Regent street
helpless crowds on hundreds feet
tin of useless bankomats
ever lies of crazy ads
daily nightmare, evening dreams
dying light of sliding beams
news and promises, bulk spamming
chaos coming, chaos coming

gravitation pressing more
broken glasses, empty store
sadden dumps of traffic sound
sand clock's turn to push last count
politicians splashing stars
heavy fire flying sparks
grey priest quick to cut last amen
chaos coming, chaos coming
Track Name: You Know
You know I can not outfight your black night
That I will never seize, that I will never seize

Awful front of the dirty clouds
Run and ready to beat skyline
And doom trumpets are so loud
Gonna dump rattling scream of mine
Night is coming the wind is blowing
No hopes and no time
No way but as dark is growing
Seems the morning will never come

I feel steps of the chase behind me
Gloom is deep and I'm lonely one
This is easy for you to found me
And this is far too late to run
You foresee each my step before me
And you know I am just a beast
In your trap that is fatal for me
I'm not brave and too week to feast
Track Name: Come In Get Out
The city of the sky,
Clouds forms the streets...
Reflecting in your eyes
Just a little bit.
Infesting around you,
Happy blabs and fools...
Sparks out of the blue,
You feel gust of cool.
The things you can not get,
Dreams to be alone...
Nothing you can forget
Even if you want.
Impossible to trace
Horror of the light
On boring of x-rays,
Billions of sights...

Depressions of the dark
Force to be alone...
Vexation of bad luck
When the chance has gone.
Just nothing will come soon,
Sentence of "too late"...
Beside the rising Moon,
Tortures of the wait...
Night covers all the stars
On gray angel's wing,
The heavy pulse of time,
Circles of the ring...
What else you can not lose,
Flinders of shipwreck,
The thoughts you want to use
At the timeless black.
Track Name: Only Christmas
Only Christmas means the light
Only Christmas means the light
We will see a star tonight
Only Christmas means the light

Only Christmas brings the sense
Only Christmas brings the sense
Thoughts and meanings in the lens
Only Christmas brings the sense

Only Christmas grants us joy
Only Christmas grants us joy
The Earth is the ark of Noah
Only Christmas grants us joy

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