(SN) Separate Nations

by turahtan



There is one farther planet on the Galaxy and one school boy there with clear understanding of his own idiocy, idiocy of his mates and most of adults. Every day he was thinking terribly about the future when the rest of clever adults will have gone and the generations of idiots will take the power.
There are many countries on the Planet and most of them was on permanent wars with others or just on preparation to the next battles. One day elder statesmen had decided to create an organization just to prevent further war developments, so called "Organization of Cooperating Nations". It was a good idea generally however countries was quite different, say, some royal families had not got real power and was manipulated by few inexplicit persons, as well as stable democracies with dynasties of elected presidents, the father-president, the son-president, the grandson as well the president, or somebody of their relative also the president, and other countries represented by duxes man-eaters, or typical totalitarian leaders who was keeping the citizens in big cages as broilers, and of course with the right of veto on the whole organization. In one state they even has created a leader not just from one human nail but from the dust of this nail and pumped him up to the ever-elected monster. The organization was working hard trying day by day to prevent wars but every time there was no any real result.
Meanwhile the generations of idiots came and all the activities of the organization reborn to rolling of a giant snowball of idiocy. Unfortunately the inhabitants of the Planet are far away from the Earth and they have heard nothing about the "Tower of Babel" and the snowball is even more weak and any time is ready to collapse on the heads of its creators.

... the languages was confused in ancient times. In our
time people of the same language don't understand one another.
Time of your generation is coming. You will not understand even


released September 9, 2013


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

About: just another band.

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Track Name: Shut Up!
My dear doctor you know I'm right.
I feel two colours, yellow and white.
Yellow for flowers, white for the sky,
For diagnostic clear green line...
You understand on your medical master degree!
Shut up!

I know a painter, canvas and dust,
All what I say is the true to the last.
Live just for waiting, each scanty day
For dirty painting, bloody and gray!
Say to be clear enough for your scientific brains?
Shut up!

Career builders, sharpening teeth,
Avid skull crackers and humanists...
After blood sucking overnight
Honestly argue on human rights.
Tell me my doctor if you agree here and now?
Shut up!

They are, but not me, I'm not a beast
My dear doctor, psychiatrist...
Playing card swindlers, stock market pools,
Ministers, parties, villains and fools...
What do you think, this is really ever the same?
Shut up!
Track Name: Zoo Freedom
my sweet cage I like you, metal bars are so nice
and I'm feeling happy here in my zoo
nobody can enter, no one is coming
I'm controlling fully all the things I do
only special servants visiting us daily
just for cages cleaning and supply the food
all my happy neighbours are also grateful
everything about ever to the good

here is one person holding all around
he is very famous, great and proud boss
cages he likes to leave in so wide and spacious
full of gold and silver, highest priceless costs
evil beasts are talking that the boss is greedy
wicked stupid nanus and his face is dim
every time I wonder why he is not coming
he is not in danger I will not eat him
Track Name: 12 Eaters
Earlier in the morning five o'clock I'm walking
To lift up the iron harrow to my shoulders
Then full day my arable here when I'm working
Hard to feed twelve eaters from Monday to Sunday.

We are clever people, famous money makers,
Important and proud law and paper bakers!
Governments and lawyers, officers, electors,
Parliaments, committees, bankers, tax collectors!
Track Name: Panic on Regent Street
closed bank on Regent street
helpless crowds on hundreds feet
tin of useless bankomats
carrying banner rubbish add
daily nightmare, evening dream
dying sunlight sliding beam
newsprint promises, bulk spamming
chaos coming, chaos coming

gravitation pressing more
broken glasses empty store
sadden dump of traffic sound
sand clock's turn to push last count
politicians splashing stars
heavy fire flying sparks
grey priest quick to cut last amen
chaos coming, chaos coming
Track Name: Main Engine Failure
New craft are so safe, no risk, no risk,
All are up to day on technology.
Reflecting the sun all meant nickel parts,
Long luxury run, never crash, never crash
The pleasure of nice flight...
The pleasure of nice flight...

Main engine failure, failure, failure,
Broken pistons, bearings, clamps...
Hating this fatal year, fatal year, fatal year,
Hating the fatal year brace for collapse!

Seems today the craft, the Earth, all the things are running wrong
Seeking wisdom all around but the madness so strong.
Coming crisis and the war, fashion suits, honest eyes,
Politicians cover costs just by other people lifes.

Summits, presidents, shaking hands, cut the map
If one criminal easy enter high club.
Long flight, Mother-Earth, good will, native soil.
Men sell out souls. Bloody money, black oil.
The fears of risk flight...
The fears of risk flight...
Track Name: Morning
You can say, by the way, this is clear today,
That the better day will be tomorrow.
Morning, sunrise, new day, and again, and again...
In the morning you don't feel sorrow.
Track Name: Plastic Glass Song
I'm Plastic Man
And I have no face,
Only a mask
By Synthetical Race.
I'm piece of lumber
And you are the same.
I've got my number,
This is my name.

All my poor thoughts
On storage under locks
By politicians of
Bark TV-box.
My brain in washing
Drained out to cracks,
My full income
Is converted to tax.

We, plastic glasses, we run billion
Massive and faceless on bulk moving on,
And that's the same if we're out or in
On a brain meter stamping machine.

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