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The Verbatim Report of Bottomless Optimism

by turahtan

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On understanding time has passed from the morning Still are not ready for the gloom of the night... Looking for sunshine... destroyer, destroyer you come from inside on useless defense of the promising sky the truth of the black and the lie of the white encircling and stiff outrun of the night destroyer, destroyer you come destroyer, destroyer not now destroyer, destroyer I know No one can't escape, can not go This is The Global Earth Piggy Bank. We hold all the records concerning all the money, your money. We are not directly connected to IMF but we are the mirror, real monetary mirror. Is this true that a piece of an old canvas covered by dry oil cost sixty million dollars? Yes, this could be an absolutely right investment! The right investment! destroyer is coming and I quick to flee on deafness and blindness of the destiny I think, and I know, and I see, and I will... Infinity means only nothing of nil destroyer, destroyer you come destroyer, destroyer not now destroyer, destroyer I know No one can't escape, can not go Money is just a fiction, just a record within the banking system. Imagine all the people around will come to the nearest bank to take cash from their accounts... there is no real cash... real cash! I know one guy who is a rich man and he has invested some money on three big luxury houses. But nobody is living there excluding some insects in uncleaned rooms. Why must people can not collect enough money? That's because they have to work just for food. They will stop work otherwise... This is The Global Earth Piggy Bank. We know everything but we are controlling nothing. We are just a vector in the mirror! The Global Earth Piggy Bank!
Every week... I'm playing rock-n-roll I am sick... I'm playing rock-n-roll I feel pain... I'm playing rock-n-roll Come on! Twenty years... I'm playing rock-n-roll Forty years... I'm playing rock-n-roll Sixty years... I'm playing rock-n-roll Come on! Heavy rain... I'm playing rock-n-roll Hurricane... I'm playing rock-n-roll Passion play... I'm playing rock-n-roll Come on! What is Rock-n-roll? This is just a virus. Nowadays it is defeated by other pharmacy... as Rap for example. This is also a virus, subculture to grow idiots. The idiots are voting for other idiots then. Rock-n-roll is my life! That's because you are deadly infected.
The Crash 02:34
Non-stop within the morning and further on day light the motion is rolling by evening through the night. The locks are new or broken, doors open or closed, nor guarding no watching... you can not stop the loss. Money, money... bones and fat. Money, money... pumping blood. Obsessive thoughts and nightmares among the other things Always about money displacing everything. Non-stop within the morning and further on day light the motion is rolling by evening through the night. Money, money... running well. Money, money... breath of hell. - The The Global Earth Piggy Bank is here again. Each step of any person is motivated by earning of money. Actions of millions are creating the vector we can manipulate. Only saints and freaks interrupt it but we will stop them. Musicians start to write songs on their stupidity but continue just for the money. They help us to grow idiots to be elected. - Shut up Piggy I have voted against the idiot. - But your music is for! - I will crash you out Piggy Bank! - Don't do this. You can destroy the monetary system!
- Who has invented bureaucratic machines? - Nobody. The machines has created the civilization. In any state there are priests of the machine not to be too clever or too stupid, but very average. The electorate should be silly enough to vote. Musicians as well are servicing the machines. Music for the money. Brains processing. The factory of dementia. All the musician are responsible. The best idea for any band is never leave the garage. The fate of a chick is to move out of the egg as future meat for consumption. I'm a fish and I can't fly To the center of the sky Oh my Lord your can not hear My obtuse and silent scream My right place the mid of the shoal All my trying out of sense What to do for saving my soul Millions of beings in the lens I know that the way to escape Just to move myself to the center Me, I'm just a bit of a tape In the clew of thousands tapes - No prophet is accepted in his own town... but predictions came true. 21st century schizoid man is already here and mentally health is the main problem of the society.


don't leave the garage


released January 21, 2018


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

Shabby Jeans Records.

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