Wormwood Paradise

by turahtan

A Dream 04:52
I regret to tell you my Queen, I regret to tell you my Queen... I can not explain this sad dream, I can not explain this sad dream... Through coming night on the desert passage, Vestiges and masquerade, By serpentine and confetti rubbish I've reached the feast too late. Now there is in front of me A smart and mottled crowd, A small wrapped truck that I can see And many people around. Butchers in red hoods on the truck Are playing with little dolls, Toys of the doom and bad luck, They are a boy and a girl. Evil torturers are tossing up both After they take them again, The rabble is happy to see it because They like any terrible game. Orchestra music just cut as a knife, On harmony with the same, I understand now they are still alive Enough for to be in pain. Punishers delayed just a bit Mistaking to drop down a doll To fall on the ground to my feet. I decide to bend to touch it. Now I understand what is going on And I feel I do grow down Yes I'm turning up to a little doll And my skin is wizen and brown. What I feel on squirming in butcher's hand Excluding vexation and pain? I can see the sky and the dancing land At the mercy of this mad day. I regret to tell you my Queen, I regret to tell you my Queen... I can not explain this sad dream, I can not explain this sad dream...
The Paradise 02:38
That's a dream of the human kind To get a shelter in the sky, By the winter's snow and ice For the sun of the paradise. Don't mind of nonsense, yet, With the troubles to forget, Don't laugh and don't cry, We are the children the sky. On the deep space you can see Silver ways of the Galaxy, And the Earth moves on the spot, And the sun as a small dot. Just to be on the ever-fly, No more or other sky To be happy to be proud At the sky of the solid ground.
Barbarians 06:14
Sleeping Mother Europe, Well-being comes to go. What will be your future Don't you want to know? You feel well to carry us And day by day, Scary vile barbarians Are far away. Huge galactic distance Billions of miles, What is the first instance On a blue fish eyes? Crowds of reptiles Start to move at once, Out of the tiles, Bloody teeth and guns. Opera and movies, Cars and shops and banks... Promises of moving For a higher rank... Cigarettes and coffee, Milk, a cap of tea, Tables in the office, Salaries and fee... Parties and elections, Fashions, Rock-n-roll, Museums, collections, Paints, canvas, and oil Villages and cities, Paris, London, Rome... Gibraltar and Crete and Sunrise lovely home...
You know what I feel! Snakes are ready to bite and strangle, Beings are running just to survive. We do follow laws of the jungle, What is cheaper than stranger's life? And generations are passing here, here to come and go. You know what I feel! Evil senseless of educations, Catches of insuperable infinity, Competitions of warlike nations, Expectations to come and see. Good bye to sweet rock-n-roll on the thunder, thunder of trumpets blow. You know what I feel! Mystery of galactic zero, Meat in war uniform to cut, Agony of the brutal era, Times are stuck by the soldiers' blood. Are you controlling, controlling really this unacceptable world? I know what you feel!
Once the developer, who never die, Has been presenting a plot in the sky Excellent quarters, silver and gold, All for today are reserved and are sold. Happy investors right through the space Look at the Earth as a terrible place. So many people, but few of them Will settle down Jerusalem. We are still out, manage today Selling a house that's far away. This is unwilling for all of us, Say, a small building on Venus or Mars. I still can offer just by around Two square meters but on the ground, No expenses to advertise You have to buy it for any price. My heavy business, trade on the spot, Since to develop, nothing I've got. Sulfur and fire, something to be, Dreams to retire are not for me.
I know astronomers non-stop Are watching through the telescopes, In deeply nothing they can see Kaleidoscopes of Galaxy. What they discovers no sense In through the void on the lens On perpetuity of space When no meaning on its face. With summer heat and winter ice The Earth is not the paradise On the bypassing to and fro, Disasters, illnesses and wars. There is a place for humankind Below the clouds under the sky And not so sweet in simple truth The test of good and evil fruits.
Among faceless people, Alone in the crowd, Through hell of the city, Below underground... The rules of the blindness Inside of the sky Dishonest and lightless On void gray eyes... The cold stone floor, The room without doors... Out of the light, out of the light. Always in the lens, Hopes with no sense... Out of the life, out of the life. We are all the puppets To play this dumb role On holding of something We can not control. Tomorrow is coming So ruthless and ill, And running, and running Non-stop on the wheel.


released May 1, 2015


all rights reserved



turahtan Cyprus

Shabby Jeans Records.

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